The White House Dormitory - a mix of vintage and modern


Creating The White House Dormitory into a mix of the modern and the vintage wasn't done overnight.





The journey of  construction was the labour of love.         

Maintaining the vintage exterior of The White House Dormitory kept a soulful vibe to the modern interior. 

This "modern vintage" concept should nonetheless require an artful editing, keeping in mind the unifying element of "less is more."


Here are a few ideas on how to mix the vintage with modern:



1. Let there be light.

It is always a good idea to bring natural light into any home. Light has the power to transform the ordinary to the extra

ordinary. This is easily achieved through high ceilings, wide window openings, and less partitions.


2. Embrace the structure's readymade quirks.

 Maintaining some of the old wood pieces, or a portion of the tiles, and contrast this with minimalist furniture pieces can

make a good balance between old and new. Juxtapose different styles and eras. Opposites attract.


3. Create visual harmony.

 Choose an ethnic style that will give a put-together-look. Always keep in mind to inject your own personality in your design.


4. Find a thread of Colours that complements one room for instance to the other.


5Create clusters.

Adding old clear wine bottles and use these for vases can add an instant glam look to a simple dining table or adding old

books with a nice picture frames can create a statement to a room.



Go ahead and try these simple tips on how vintage and modern design can blend seamlessly together. Add chic to your

design, The White House Dormitory just did that!!!