Singing The Blues


Boldly unperturbed by the monsoon rains, The Residences @ Fairview remains committed to complete the basement

and ground floor level in time for its expected completion scheduled next year.



Our strong sense of dedication to deliver a sound and safe structure remains our utmost and ultimate goal.

The team of workers pounce their shovels until they hit the hardest strata of the soil, where the foundation of the structure will rest.

 Every conceivable detail is checked to ensure our future homeowners that quality is never compromised.


Design is not just about how it looks but it's also about functionality. Every nook and cranny at The Residences @Fairview

is well thought to create a home that is modern, practical and appealing in today's lifestyle. 


Watch for our grand open house at The Residences@Fairview where sweet deals will be offered to our early birds.