Midas touch for entrepreneurs


At a time when the world seems dismal about it's future, and in the grip of desperation-we turn to our government for solutions. That ain't happening, not in the next generation.



We need immediate solutions that will buoy and bring stability to our  crippled economy by creating jobs and more jobs. How do we keep our economy back on track to prosperity? The simple less known truth is in a few. These are entrepreneurs with a Midas touch.


An entrepreneur with a Midas touch demonstrates leadership qualities. However in today's changing times, entrepreneurs with a Midas touch are seen as innovators connecting creativity with technology. These are men driven by their own passion for perfection, artistry and obsessive compulsion to control. Joseph Shumpeter has coined and popularized the phrase, "creative destruction", as a new entrepreneurial activity who imagine new solutions by generating opportunities for profit and reward, works on higher productivity and greater yield. They enact change and possess a high propensity for risk.

Entrepreneurs with a Midas touch are the most successful because they not only create jobs, but sustain innovative edge through their inventiveness and applied imagination. 


Qualities possessed by entrepreneurs with Midas touch


-strength of character
-creating your brand
-the little things that count