Looking for Condo for Sale in the Philippines online? Here's your Guide


Online search is definitely the easiest & most practical way to find a condominium online. In just one click, an array of options are readily available such as the property specifics, developer background and property pictures, making condominium hunting more exciting.

However, there are some webpages that contain too many information that can cause a sensory overload. To avoid wasting endless hours of useless searching, posting and worst falling victim to crooks, an action plan is needed!

Here are some useful tips for Condominium Hunting in the Philippines


1. Make a list of What you Need & What you Want

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Location Location Location!

*Location is the main tool for condominium hunting. A property that is strategically located near schools, hospitals, churches and etc. is an ideal prime location. During condominium hunting evaluate what are the immediate needs that the property can help you solve? Example, Need a place that is near school? Work? To help you save on gas?

Write down the different condos within your vicinity that will allow you to do so.


2. Set Realistic Figures

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Be realistic; evaluate your finances that fit your lifestyle! Aside from the monthly Amortization, evaluate other expenses that are proven to be sizable amounts of money once they build up: association fees, utility bills, transportation, and so on. Once you have decided, focus on Flexible Term Payment Condos for sale in the Philippines that will allow you to live comfortably and save at the same time. 



3. Organize Information

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With all the data you will come across, take good notes and organize them so you won’t be cluttered and lost. Prepare a table with important details such as the condo’s address, contact person and their number or email, number of bedrooms, pros and cons, and the like. Document your progress with each condo unit prospect from contacting the property manager to viewing the place to closing a deal. Do not forget to make room for additional notes.




4. Start the Communication


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Get in touch with the property manager of the condo units you are most interested in to set up an appointment. Do it as soon as possible to better deal with any conflicts in the schedule. On the day of your appointment, be ready with your list of questions and concerns that you need to raise.


Everything now is easier and faster, thanks to the world wide web. But just as there are good opportunities, there are also traps to avoid. But do not worry. Follow these tips and you will be able to navigate the internet in search for the perfect condo for you.