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An invitation to view the site of The Residences@Fairview


The Residences@Fairview has finally set it's wheel in motion - construction is now in full swing. After getting bashed with continuous rainfall, our friendly skies have allowed us to step up construction of our basement and retaining walls.




Secrets for beginners on how to get started in the construction Business in the Philippines


Philippine real estate has come a long way where only the big guns reigned the industry. Times have changed and even small time wannabe developers can get a juicy bit part of this ever growing business.


Sweet deals offered at The Residences @ Fairview


At The Residences@Fairview, condominium in Quezon City near FEU-Nrmfwe share a famous quote by Steve Job, "Design is not how it will look, Design is how it can work."


Reach for the sky


Time and again, we have blogged,promoted College Square Dormitory near FEU-Nrmf 


Interested in art? Be smart


Collecting art pieces can be a daunting task and taking that initial plunge can be a tricky thing. Preferences for the type of art pieces is a very subjective affair specially for those who buy on impulse. The buyer/collector runs the risk of ending in fakes specially for the newbie art aficionados.


Tips on how you can optimize space - make it yours


A transformative experience in Today's Philippine Property


A home is more than just a space. It's a place where you can be yourself and get creative. Small is Big. You can predict

Get your new home without marrying money


Interesting title for the start of the year. First of all, allow me to greet everyone a happy new year. We did not go on a sabbatical but everyone was kept on their toes wrapping up the completion of our model unit at   


What is a good dormitory!!!


You have heard the familiar adage, LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION. To a regular student location equates to convenience and practicality. For these medical students of FEU-NRMF, balancing precious time between studies and squeezing extras for themselves is a MUST HAVE?