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Advantage of owning a Condominium in Quezon City


Owning a Condominium in Quezon City is an option that more and more Filipinos are gravitating towards. Is condo ownership right for you? Here are some of the advantages of owning a condo and perhaps it might appeal to you.



1.  Why rent, when you can own

Looking for Condo for Sale in the Philippines online? Here's your Guide


Online search is definitely the easiest & most practical way to find a condominium online. In just one click, an array of options are readily available such as the property specifics, developer background and property pictures, making condominium hunting more exciting.

The White House Dormitory - a mix of vintage and modern


Creating The White House Dormitory into a mix of the modern and the vintage wasn't done overnight.



All things bright at The White House Dormitory


Vivid colorful interior walls make a big impression for makeover rooms. Take our cue for a cozy yet contemporary look at

Singing The Blues


Boldly unperturbed by the monsoon rains, The Residences @ Fairview remains committed to complete the basement

and ground floor level in time for its expected completion scheduled next year.



The latest buzz: Soon to open The White House Dormitory


What is?

The White House Dormitory is an exclusive ladies bed spacer dormitory inside the enclave of Teachers Village,

How can you make money-Guaranteed


You are invited to become an exclusive owner to one of our fifteen (15) commercial units located on the second level of College Square Dormitory Building along Regalado Avenue corner Lyric Street.


The Residences@Fairview has it all!


The Residences@Fairview has all the condo must haves

 1. Fewer units per floor for privacy

Midas touch for entrepreneurs


At a time when the world seems dismal about it's future, and in the grip of desperation-we turn to our government for solutions. That ain't happening, not in the next generation.



Christmas in the heart is Christmas in the air !


Infect us all with this season of giving. Surprise members of your family with a less to wrap gift instead, give a gift bundled up with love. With a minimum reservation fee of P15 thousand pesos, choice unit awaits you at The Residences@Fairview, condominium in Quezon City near FEU-NRMF.