Advantage of owning a Condominium in Quezon City


Owning a Condominium in Quezon City is an option that more and more Filipinos are gravitating towards. Is condo ownership right for you? Here are some of the advantages of owning a condo and perhaps it might appeal to you.



1.  Why rent, when you can own


Most of the developers offers a  flexible payment terms by letting clients get a loan through bank or pag ibig financing in minimal interest depending on how long you will pay the balance after the buyers equity. Renting an apartment with a similar size would cost similar to your monthly amortization. Paying to own is a big advantage than paying for monthly rent.


2. Outdoor work Free


Another advantage of owning a condo for those who would prefer not to make any repairs outdoors. You do not need to mow the lawn or weed the garden.  If the roof needs repairs, if the pool needs cleaning, someone else will take care of it.




3. Amenities


It is given that condos come with many amenities including swimming pool, a gym, sauna, and playground for children and more.


4. Freedom to Design on your own

You can absolutely change everything within the space because it belongs to you. Unlike when you are renting an apartment, you really have no say in the way the space is designed.



5. Social setting

Homeowners meetings and gatherings will bring you and your neighbors together, and will possibly result in a strong environment that creates engagement and socialization



6. Location


Condos are usually located in the heart of the city, but can also abound everywhere. So no matter your preferred location, condo life can be wherever you choose.



7. Security

Condo living tends to be more secure. Most condos have locked front entrances with Security personnel. And only unit owners can access to a private entrance. Neighbors can easily notice an individual they’ve never seen before is sniffing around.



8. Potential profit-maker

You can make a profit by buying preselling condo and sell it in the right economic climate. Or, you could always choose to rent it out. Owning a condo means you have an asset.



For some people owning a condo is something that young couples and seniors tend to do, but owning a condo for life is not uncommon anymore, as condos offer the perfect fit for many families as well.