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Affordable Sulit Properties


In 2010, Asadevcorp (AS&A Development Corporation) celebrated a milestone by building College Square Dormitory near FEU-Nrmf, a boutique type of accomodation for students of FEU-Nrmf. By doing so, we have extended our services by providing a home to Filipino students.

 In 1996, Asadevcorp was formed on two principal qualities – Vision and Intellect. Since then, Asadevcorp  has established a property development corporation that has become a leader in its industry.  

“Intellect is about delivering your vision. Ensuring quality, minimising risk and creating good places that will last.” 

Between 1996 and 2008, starting with the maiden project of building homes for Balikbayans living abroad, Asadevcorp has used their approach in building affordable homes with great success. Our first project --Sulit sa Price Real Estate Ashley townhomes -- was very exciting. It was perceived as a challenge because we wanted to build homes that are tailored to the needs of the balikbayan pinoy. We recreated stylish living that balikbayans would have been accustomed to while living abroad. 

In the process, we have developed a unique family business: one that thrives on challenge and believes in the necessity of good architecture and design. Asadevcorp enjoys taking on projects with a high degree of difficulty and yet still delivering the best quality to our customers. 

From then on, Asadevcorp has taken a significant amount of time in research and development. We study conceptual ideas from top architectural designs and integrate that to the needs of the Filipino. Our dynamicity separates us from others because each property we build is unique and special. 

Our next up and coming project, The Residences@Fairview, condominium in Quezon City near FEU Nrmf, is bringing Filipino modern living to the next level. The Project required detailed coordination to achieve the right balance of affordability and creating a stylish lifestyle to a wide range of clientile. Emphasis is given on an open space planning concept where clients are able to express their own style and character. Units are now selling off the plan. Avail of our early bird discounts.